Competition Grade Sencha Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


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Author Karen Kletter   (United States)
Review I've enjoyed (and reviewed) Sencha Pinnacle and, as good as it is, I think this runs rings around it. Amazingly, this really does taste like a complex blend of gyokuro and sencha and succeeds in achieving the best of both worlds (at least to this relative rookie--I've only been seriously drinking tea for a few years).
I brewed this a bit cooler than the suggested temperature of 80潤釥€ C (176潤釥€ F), starting with a total of one minute and adding 15 seconds to each of two successive brews. Even at 75潤釥€ C (167潤釥€ F), there's plenty of sencha astringency to complement the vegetal sweetness that's found in gyokuro. What I found especially interesting was that even the third infusion had plenty of flavor, which I find unusual for sencha. All three brewings had a lovely floral aftertaste, very different than that found in, say, a Taiwanese oolong, but flowery nonetheless. It's like a gift that keeps giving; it's not an experience for those in a hurry. It discloses its secrets and nuances to those willing to give it the time and attention it merits.
If you're up for something that's not only high-end but extremely interesting and off the beaten path as well, jump all over this while it's available. I highly recommend sharing the experience with someone like-minded.
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Date January 11, 2008

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