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Author Alik Dreesen   (Belgium)
Review Competition grade Sencha Pinnacle :
° Water : PH 7 mineral water with low levels of calcium (in this case Volvic from France : see below for more info)

° T°: 80°C max. ( if more you risk to increase the levels of tannin making the tea astringent and bitter (by low temperatures,tannins (= astringency) are blocked while amino acids (= theanine:source of flavor,aroma and umami) are enhanced.)
In other words ,it's al about the thin balance of bitterness,astringency and flavor which is very delicat with high end teas like this one and you need to have the temperature of the water bang on ! ( Now,if you go lower than 60°C amino acids will not be dissolved and if you go higher than 80°C tannin dissolves ! )
For Gyokuro tea it's even more critical as this tealeaf is cultivated under shade ( = lower photosynthese) for the last 20 days to increase the theanine.

° Before pouring the water i chew a few dry leaves (even one is enough) to have a first (and strong)'flavor ID' of the tea (especially the bitterness (or "attack") and the degree of theanine(or proteines) of the tea.
2 infusions possible .

° Aspect (dry): Fine darkgreen bright and shiny needles.
° Color (infuse) : Light golden medium clear yellow liquid.
° Taste : immediate build-up of layers of medium mellow umami giving a "warm" glow on the palate .. followed by a caress of caffeines (= light and pleasant presence of bitterness due probably to the young shoots and leaves)
° Finish : warm and anaesthetising feeling of the palate and tongue,complex fresh and lingering taste of freshly picked butter flowers.

source : :

Name or Place of Source: The Clairvic Spring. Volvic. Puy de Dôme

-Acidity / Alkalinity (PH) : 7
-Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) : 130 mg/l
-Calcium (Ca++) : 11.5 mg/l
-Magnesium (Mg++) : 8 mg/l
-Sodium (Na+) : 11.6 mg/l
-Potassium (K+) : 6.2 mg/l
-Bicarbonate (HCO3-) : 71 mg/l
-Chloride (Cl-) : 13.5 mg/l
-Sulphate (SO4--) : 8.1 mg/l
-Silica (SiO2) : 31.7 mg/l
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Date January 13, 2013

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