SEIKAIHA Hohin Set (handcrafted Tea Set)


Author Nick Dulac   (Canada)
Review Form and Function are inextricably linked together in the Seikaiha Hohin Set. Not unlike the wineglass, it is ''perfect'', simple and rigorously functional. This is one reason why such a set is avidly admired, studied and collected.

The second, is the captivating beauty, artistry and craft of Rizaemon Takemura, infused with the rich culture of Japan: The "Seikaiha" pattern of small blue ocean waves that evolves into spiral-flowing lines, subtle curves, and smooth forms. At the base of each piece is a tanned, rough and unsmoothed edge (visible on the 7th picture); the tactile sensation of grainy sand on the shore...

Besides displaying masterful function and aesthetics, Hohin teapots are an enduring clue to the past, while ever being so modern, keeping it's purpose even today as the most desirable instrument to brew Hibiki-an's Gyokuro Pinnacle from Uji.

The beauty of the Seikaiha Hohin Set is a poetic manifestation of traditional craftsmanship, that is in the highest contrast with our modern-day mass-manufacturing methods.
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Date September 15, 2011

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