Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review I waited all year to try the Kuradashi Gyokuro Pinnacle for the first time and to be honest, I was frustrated. My first attempt produced a very strong brew that was too strong for my liking (I used 5 g in my Shoami Hohin at 50C). I wrote to Hibiki-An for help. I appreciate the help I received from Atsushi Yasui San at Hibiki-An (who gave me several suggestions on what I could do to adjust). After several more attempts, I was finally able to brew a beautiful and delicious brew at 3.5 g and 125 ml of 60C water brewed at 2 minutes 15 seconds.

Kuradashi Gyokuro. It is just as sweet and delicious as everyone describes. It took a while but I'm very pleased. If your tea doesn't come out to your liking it may just need a little adjustment in the amount of tea leaves/amount of water/or water temperature. One thing is for sure, once you find the right combination for you, you will end up with one of the most amazing tea experiences you've ever had.
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Date October 14, 2021

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