Cool New Iced Drinks for the Hot Summer!


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Author James Hart   (United States)
Review I've got another iced tea recipe for you guys

Bring a sauce pan of water to a boil
put in 1/8 cup of dried mixed berries and honey
stir until the honey is dissolved
Cover and boil it for 10 minutes
Set the pot aside for 2 minutes to let it cool.
Strain out the berries and pour over green tea
Let it steep for 1 minute
Pour it over ice in a large cup than serve

This is an awesome drink to have on a hot day with the sweet refreshment of the berries along with it's own nutrients to add to the already tasty iced green tea. It's also guaranteed to give you the get up and go like an energy drink without caffeine overload.
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Date June 01, 2012

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