Teabag Tasting Set -River (3 x 14bags x 5g/0.18oz)


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Review Please see my review of the Forest sampler set. Both the Forest and River samplers are a generous collection of teas and in convenient teabag form I can take everywhere. Even in restaurants I can order hot water and no one seems to mind my making my own tea.

I am now an enthusiastic consumer of Japanese green tea. There are MIRACULOUS benefits to be had. I believe it to be Hibiki-an tea's POTENCY and FRESHNESS. It has replaced my various Gevalia coffees almost entirely.

I ordered MATCHA yesterday upon the recommendation of the owner, Mr. Yasui. Since I've no, none, not one complaint about the quality of these teas let alone their potency I heartily endorse them. There's hard science behind their benefits to our lives. Pharmaceutical companies isolate what they can out of tea to make statin drugs, they should have left well enough alone, and I would not have suffered so many primary and secondary life threatening side affects. Stick to what God and Mother Nature provide us. You'll live longer for it.

I'm an American. I'm a disabled vet. Modern medicine tastes horrible. You might react to the taste of Japanese green tea negatively because its not meant to be drunk sweetened beyond recognition with sweeteners.

BUT, if you've suffered like me with regard to your health, you are cheating yourself of longevity and a wonderful life if you don't take steps to maintain and improve your health. I can tell you as a former military and FDA guinea pig that I learned how to isolate what works and what doesn't when adjusting my dietary intake, and my conclusion is that teas are good for you, and THESE TEAS are POTENT.

Quality and potency. Now that's hard to find. Ever take a recommendation to try something and was disappointed? I have. Choose the RIGHT brand along with the right product and you'll not be so disappointed. Sure its a combination of things. I eat a Japanese and Mediterranean diet as much as possible. Sure I cheat and eat my favorite foods that do not fall into that category. So green tea is a constant that helps me there.

REAP THE BENEFITS! Pardon my enthusiasm but its been a very long, long time since I felt this GREAT! And its no flash in the pan. That I like a lot and look forward to so much more. Being alive after wars is one thing, living again and being able to live again, like a human being is a Godsend.

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Date July 14, 2015

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