Perfect Tea Gift Set


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Author Emmanuel Fox   (Canada)
Review This Tea Set is a source of daily inspiration to me. Not procured as a set I purchased the Hohryu
years ago falling instantly in love with the design. It matched beautifully with an exquisite Bizen ware cup given
to me some years ago by my father. As I grew in the appreciation of premium tea I began searching for
traditional white sencha cups to enjoy the colour spectrum of Sencha and Gyokuro varieties. With the recommendation Atsushi san of Hibiki-An I decided to procure the "Kamon" porcelain cups and am extremely happy I did. The cups are of a delicate and "simple" appearance only that more careful inspection reveals a work of art of the highest quality, elegance and grace. The traditional symbol of the Japanese Peony is most prestigious and lends one to noble meditative reflection most suited to the occasion. Together these items truly embody the perfect tea set for the impassioned Japanese tea afficionado.
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Date August 23, 2013

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