HOHRYU Kyusu (handcrafted: 360ml)


Author Florian Maussner   (Germany)
Review I purchased this Kyusu a few weeks and am very happy with my purchase every since it arrived. Even with a single glance at this Kyusu you can tell the high quality and excellent craftsmanship. The details are really amazing to an extend where the pictures on the page alone couldn't grasp them anymore. There might be cheaper teapots to brew your tea in but I am sure there aren't many who can compare to this one, Mr. Sawada really created a great teapot here. I studied material science with a focus on ceramics and glass so I do have a little insight on this kind of product and yet I remain amazed by the quality and art of this Kyusu, I can without further ado recommend this teapot its no doubt worth its money.
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Date March 20, 2010

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