HOHRYU Kyusu (handcrafted: 360ml)


Author Tapio Saarinen   (Finland)
Review During the time I had this brilliant teapot in my possession, it was the most used in my collection. It was the most versatile brewing vessel for different tea grades; fitted my hand like a glove, poured perfectly without dripping or clogging, and if you closed the air hole in the lid, the flow of tea stopped immediately.

In this time and age of mass-produced gadgets nobody really needs, it feels wonderful that somebody still has the will and skill to make something with his own hands that works so well and is finished so beautifully.

As stated in the description, it has thin walls, yet it still withstood daily use admirably, until one unfortunate instance when a falling glass lemonade bottle smashed a big piece off the spout rendering it out of use. Finances allowing, it will be replaced with a new one in the future!
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Date February 09, 2017