HOHRYU Kyusu (handcrafted: 360ml)


Author Justin Kellis   (United States)
Review I have been searching for the "perfect teapot" for well over a year now. I was looking for something understated, yet unique and articulate as well. Above all I was looking for a teapot that reminded me of the rugged melancholy I often felt while travelling the japanese countryside... that wabi/sabi feeling. After months and months and months of searching I was ready to give up, that is until I came across this wonderful little kyusu by Mr.Sawada.

The teapot itself is very nicely crafted... the proportions are excellent and it feels perfectly weighted in your hand. The texture is amazingly precise and the lid is literally a perfect fit. Inside is a fine mesh filter covering the spout hole which works well in keeping leaf particles out of your tea. The "no-drip" spout cover makes pouring easy and mess free. And of course it makes a very nice cup of tea. When completely filled it steeps enough tea to fill 3 standard size yunomi... the perfect amount for my wife and I. It comes in a light wooden box with Sawada-sama's signature. The kyusu itself has his signature carved very (VERY) finely into the side, but you almost need a magnifying glass to see it.

I look forward to making tea with this kyusu very much, and would definately recommend it. It feels like a very special piece of teaware... and as such makes my tea feel more special every time I use it. Thank you Sawada-sama and Hibiki-An for offering such a fine piece of teaware. For me, I've finally found my "perfect teapot".
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Date November 29, 2006

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