HOHRYU Kyusu (handcrafted: 360ml)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review The new offering of the traditional Hohryu Tokoname Yaki Kyusu created by Futoshi Sawada has just graced the tea ware section of Hibiki an's website.
The photos as good as they are only do this tea pot a half the justice it truly deserves. This teapot reminds me of the precision and beauty of a Samurai warriers exquisitly tailored dress. It is jewel like in precission and care and makes a strong elegant statement with it's beautifully round black pearl proportions. It is well worth the investment. The top has a perfect fit and the size and weight of the teapot enhances a perfectly controlled and admired use in one's hand. If a Samurai ever made his own tea he would definatly have chosen this perfect tea pot. I do not think Hibiki-an could have found a better tea brewing vessel to match thier exquiste selection of premium and fresh green teas. The pairing of this vessel and your favorite Hibiki-an green tea will create a form of pinnicle tea art one hopes for in the serenity of the home. Masterly handcrafted this teapot is a pleasure to own, to hold and use. 360ml is a perfect size for tea brewing for up to three or four cups of your most reserved teas. I ordered my on Tuesday October 10 and recieved it on October 14. Thank you Mr.Sawada and Hibiki-an.
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Date October 15, 2006

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