Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


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Author Nagy Szilard   (Romania)
Review I have bought both the Gyokuro Super Premium, and the Kuradashi Super Premium, just to compare them, the Kuradashi is lighter steamed, very equal shaped leaves, I have invited guests to assist me, I almost never drink tea alone, and I must say everyone was fascinated, some forestfruit, some tastes that were reminiscent to autumnal flavours, and don't forget to smell the tea, it has wonderful fragrance, and after you have finished your cup smell the empty cup, it is as if you walked in a bakery, there is a warm smell in your cup. The Gyokuro Super Premium is now 6 month of age from harvest, so it is a ripe gyokuro, it is sharper than the Kuradashi version, I have used two tablespoons of leaves, in a houhin, the Kuradashi keeps the aroma through all the 5 infusions.
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Date November 02, 2008

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