Superior Tea Tasting Set (3 x each 100g/3.53oz)


Author Jakub Lewandowski   (Poland)
Review This particular trio is not only worth trying if you are a beginner to the green tea journey but is also recommended for a day to day celebration of little things. Sencha - to my experience always the most common - has turned out to be the most fresh and virulent in both flavor and aroma. Not only
maintains beautiful color but also holds its aroma intact for 3 consecutive infusions. Gyokuro is hard to assess for me since I have tried four or five superb quality qyokuro before and this particular one, though very aromatic and with a touch of sweetness, is VERY vulnerable to higher temperatures. I tried to prepare it variously dosing amount of water and temperature and to be honest I could't get it right. To evoke the fresh unique gyokuro aroma very little water of about 55 - 58 degrees Celcius is inevitable. Exceeding 60 C will force the leaves to infuse completely at the first flush leaving you with more and more astringency and less sweetness in succeeding pots.
Fukamushi cha deserves the most attention. I will admit I had the highest expectations with that one and unfortunately I feel slightly disappointed. Well, maybe this is the reason why Shincha Fukamushi is the one and only, unsurpassable candidate for My Personal Best Tea Award. Fukamushi Shincha was a revelation of this year's summer to me since I have never tried a tea of such power, delicacy and color in my entire life. Fukamushi Sencha, on the other hand, resembles the color of the ichibancha, but most of its amazingly sweet, grassy aroma diasappears instantly with the first infusion. I regret I did not order a sustainable stock of Shincha!

Overall, great experience though. Helped me to pick my favourites and prooved to me that a high quality sencha can be more complex and rich in taste than even gyokuro sometimes.

Keep up the great work Family Yasui!!!
Domo arigatoo gozaimashita!!!
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Date October 21, 2009

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