Superior Tea Tasting Set (3 x each 100g/3.53oz)


Author Rosanna Ponte   (Italy)
Review Good afternoon,
yesterday i got your parcel with the tea i ordered, i wanted to thank you for it.
I already tried 2 qualities and i'm very content. For few years i got once in a while a parcel from a japanese friend and she spoiled me a lot with all your nice variety of food and tea but your tea is very good quality and i'm happy i found you so i can always have some fresh and new tea and such a nice quality.
I'm very happy to have find you! I also appreciate very much how much you care the clients and the informations you give us to learn about the tea we drink and follow the sprouts till we receive the package and we have our ritual of a fine tea.
I was in japan 14 years ago and i visited kyoto but not your area but i want to go back again and bring my children and i would like to come and visit your farm, i love japan and your culture, art and sense of beauty.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get in our house your precious tea with all the care.

Kind regards,

Rosanna Ponte
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Date April 05, 2008