Iced Teapot (1,000ml)


Author Russell Bailey   (United Kingdom)
Review I'm pleased with this iced teapot now that I have used it a number of times. The instructions are all in Japanese, but you can fathom out from the diagrams how to use this. Basically, add the leaves (I use approx. 2 tablespoons of Sencha or Gyokuro leaves per litre of tea). Then once water is added - hot or cold, you choose - push the lid on and shake from side to side, allow leaves to settle and place in the fridge for a min. of 2 hours. There are two pouring spouts, one large, and a smaller one at a 90 degree angle from this. If I use hot water, I normally leave the top off after shaking until it has cooled down a bit.

The result is very refreshing and thirst quenching, and a different taste to the tea when hot. I'm glad I tried it!
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Date August 30, 2009

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