Iced Teapot (1,000ml)


Nickname CB   (Canada)
Review I tell you honestly, I hemmed and hawed over purchasing this Iced Teapot for a good long while.

It seemed like my poor tea shelf did not require another tea instrument to weigh it further down. But I decided to take the plunge, this years humid summer demanded it - and I have no regrets!

This miraculous iced teapot has seen daily use for cold brews since I first opened the package, and it's brilliant!

I am familiar with the company that makes it and can tell you I would have bought it on name alone no questions asked - their glasswork is excellent in quality and design, as seen in this wonderful teapot.

No leaking or dripping or clogged filter, even with 15g of tea leaves floating in there! Easy to clean to boot, which is a major win in my books.

I believe this is a bargain purchase for any glass teapot enthusiast, and if the smaller version were to become available, I would jump on that as well, in spite of any protests from my poor tea shelf! :)
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Date August 06, 2017

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