Iced Teapot (1,000ml)


Nickname Caroline   (United States)
Review This Iced Teapot is fantastic! I want to thank all the helpful reviewers who inspired me to make this purchase. My parcel came in timely fashion and thoughtfully packed, as always and the Iced Teapot came just in time the day the heat wave came.

I am amazed at the beauty and simplicity of this Iced Teapot. It makes brewing tea enjoyable and effortless...truly effortless. My son saw two pitchers of iced tea and drank two glasses before his breakfast. My daughter, who normally does not drink green tea unless flavored, gulped two tall glasses after doming home from a hot ane humid day at school and was looking for more. What more could I say? They love the delicious green tea from Hibiki an.

If you are looking into the Iced Teapot, GO FOR IT and enjoy your perfect cup of iced tea!
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Date July 07, 2016

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