Iced Teapot (1,000ml)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review As I continue to use my new ice tea making vessel to brew tea I have noticed another great advantage. When pouring the tea in the morning and throughout the day I noticed the tea is released in a rushed flow. Like water being released or gushed from the side of the rocky mountain in spring. I am possitive this rapid release was one of the purposeful design features incorporated by the experts of the Japanese Tea Industry Cooperative Union. When water is released in this configuration it puts life back into the water. Water sitting becomes still or dead. The fact that it flushes as it is released from the vessel causes the water to become aerated, thus bringing life back into the water. This then transcends to a really fresh tasting tea. This is another reason for the fresh and thirst quenching affect that we were experiencing. My other discovery is one vessel is not enough, we are drinking the tea faster then I can brew it and I would like to brew more then one type at a time. It looks like I will place an order for just one more vessel!
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Date June 26, 2006

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