Iced Teapot (1,000ml)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review I was not exactly sure how I was going to like Japanese green tea cold. The recipes on the Hibiki-an web site sounded so inviting. So once I recieved my ice tea pot I filled it with tea just enough to cover the bottom of the vessel and added room tempreture purified water and set it in the refrigerator over night.
The next morning when friends came for their regular Thursday visit I asked them if they would like to try some cold tea today. Summers where I live are very hot and it was well over 95 degrees by 10AM. Everyone said yes. So I poured the tea in very thin glasses with no ice. The first sip then gulp everyone wanted more and could not stop talking and drinking. Their reaction was that this was the most refreshing beverage they have ever had. They could not belive that something so simple could quench and refresh at the same time.
This ice tea pot tea making will certainly be a part of our long summer days. I do not know how we got through all the heat with out it! Some teas you can just add more water, other teas you need to use fresh leaves. Experimenting is very simple. If it is to strong just add more cool water. You don't even have to add ice it is that refreshing. Although ice does add a certain beauty to the glass. So happy and there is not doubt the way to cool down is with cold Japanese green tea.
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Date June 24, 2006

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