Organic Sencha Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author kevin lowell   (United States)
Review Organic sencha superior, like the other teas I have tried from Hibiki-an, is of the highest quality. Back here in Connecticut, USA I work as a pharmacist and study natural food sources for optimal health and wellbeing. Green tea, without doubt, is truly nature's medicine. Green tea helps prevent many diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, alzheimers, diabetes, and cancer in conjunction with a good diet.

However, green tea, like other plant/animal sources is only as good or healthy as it is grown, raised, and processed to be. Hibiki-an goes the extra distance providing a very high quality tea--grown, processed, and packaged to ensure the best product. Do not fall for low grade teas, which are mostly available here in the USA.
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Date March 13, 2008

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