Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


Author Stephen Bono   (United States)
Review Hello Mister Yasui,

Thank you for creating such an outstanding Japanese Green Tea Matcha Pinnacle, my feelings is that it is the best tasting with no after taste, and most likely the most nutritious green tea for health.

You and those folks working on your tea farm should be very proud, and you have a customer from the USA for life. Even though I am retired and we live off my retirement income, I will be reordering the Matcha Pinnacle forever, unless you folks create a green tea superior to Matcha Pinnacle.

I pray and hope that You and Your family, and workers are in good health, and continue to enjoy prosperity for the hard work that you and the folks that work at your tea farm.

I would love to learn your Japanese language someday!

Thank You,
Stephen W Bono,
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Date June 08, 2010

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