Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


Author Constance Mayer   (United States)
Review ... and I can say that YES, it is -- the flavor is actually different from the "superior" ad "house" (I am a regular house drinker because of how often I consume matcha). It is like a different category of flavor -- and it is so soft, like velvet. It is complex and sweet in a subtle way -- ther is something about it that I can't describe -- I can only say it is the "energy" if it. I like to belive that the growers and pickers have a more mindful relationship to the plants, but I am projecting here, because all of their tea is amazing.

I can't personally afford this as my regular matcha, but if you can, or if you are wondering about the difference, it is worth it because there truly is a difference.
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Date October 18, 2014

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