Shincha Fukamushi (80g/2.82oz)


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Author Jakub Lewandowski   (Poland)
Review (Shincha Fukamushi)

The best tea ever! What a color!!! Not only of the infusion but of each tea leaf that traveled half way around the globe and remained intact. Truly amazing sensation of deep, jade-green, exquisitely fresh, saturated tone with delicate sweetness and rich, adorable, overwhelming aroma. A Green Moment reminding of the best emotions in Japan from years before. Just lovely! We could not have enough. A genuine tea for special occasions. To be admired. Caution! Highly addictive!

For 2tbsp of tea I used 2 cups of spring water:
DAY 1:
1st flush: 65deg Celsius: steeping 60s
2nd flush: 65deg Celsius: steeping 45s
3rd flush: 65deg Celsius: steeping 75s

Cannot find the right words to express the spiritual pleasure this potion has brought in to our lives. The queen of senchas.

A few words about HIBIKI-AN:

After the exquisite experience of delighting myself with their shincha which I have tried for the first time in my life this summer I have decided to buy only with them. They have the best quality product (still affordable) which brings me closer to Japan with every new flush of green tea.
Since May we have enjoyed our green moments with the utmost respect and reverence. Preparaton of temae on a daily basis has become a ritual to us - a moment during which my partner and I share our deepest thoughts, a moment during which our level of awareness and clarity of mind are at its peak. Fascinated with teaism and homesick for Japan - the most beautiful country in the world we have had pleasure to live in for half a year - we have been reading chapters of "The Book of Tea" by Kakuzo Okakura. Simply, we have become addicted to their green gems they deliver to people around the globe. Thanks to their tea constant pursuit of perfection in our daily lives has begun.
Hibiki-an! We admire You! You make this world a better place to live in!!!
Keep up the great work! Gambatte-ne!
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Date August 22, 2009

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