Shincha Fukamushi (80g/2.82oz)


Author Karen Kletter   (United States)
Review I'm very partial to fukamushi, which can present something of a problem--I haven't found much out there that meets my satisfaction. I love Hibiki-an's Super Premium Fukamushi, so I've been meaning to try this (I missed it last year).
Shincha Fukamushi is superb. It's simultaneously intense and smooth lacks the in-your-face blast I've found in lesser fukamushis. I went for my usual three infusions which became progressively thicker and greener with each steep. Pouring my boiling water into a vessel prior to actually brewing gave me the perfect temperature, yielding tea with a very soft bite and lovely green notes that linger after the cup is empty. By all means, if you love Japanese green tea and have a proper brewing vessel, grab this while it's available; it's absolutely delightful.
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Date June 03, 2009

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