Shincha Traditional (80g/2.82oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review I liked this tea even though it was less sweet and more astringent. Astringent is not a bad description by any means when it comes to this tea.
It is important an important characteristic to have a tea able to refreshen and awaken the palette and this tea achieves this. What is interesting about this tea is the long and lingering affect on the palette. The sensation then grows sweet and lingers.
This is not an easy accomplishment to achieve by any tea growing master. Again in a controlled setting I used 7g of tea to 220cm of 156 degree water and brewed the tea for exactly one minute. Shincha Traditional re- hydrated using more of the 220cm of water leaving the poured off tea water volume at 170cm. After repeating the process a second steeping the results were the same. For those interested in measuring tea exactly I suggest a portable gram scale. Some as as small as 2"X 3" are available and can fit in a shirt pocket. Every tea has a unique distinction and your experience can vary from year to year and brew to brew. It is best to have a controlled system and calibrate your behavior. The amount of tea, the amount of water and the time brewed. You will be most happy you did until you get more familiar with your tea for that particular harvest. For more formal settings you can also micro strain the pour so you only get the golden waters leaving out any tea fines that escape from the strainer in the teapot.
I am very happy with the distinctions of the Shincha Traditional tea from Hibiki-an. Both the Shincha Traditional and the Shincha Gyrokuro expelled continuous enjoyable flavor for 3-4 pours. I hope this review and the review I wrote for Shincha Gyrokuro encourages more tea drinking enjoyment and good health and long life for everyone who enjoys Hibiki-an teas.
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Date May 25, 2009

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