KURO RAKU (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author Lars Didriksen   (Denmark)
Review This is a beautifully crafted bowl. The small imperfections are truly in keeping with the spirit of Zen. The bowl held a surprise for me at least, I own a few bowls, and they are all made of kuro raku, they are all very hard and cold to touch, the sound of the bowls when tapped are a light ringing sound reminiscent of a bell. This bowl is not though, it is warm and due to the glasseing feel softer, it adds greatly to the atmosphere, when conducting a tea ceremony. The shipping to Denmark was fast, I was worried about the handling from so far away, but the bowl was securely packaged. Im very happy with this bowl.

[Comment from Hibiki-an]
Above features are proofs of true and excellent KURO-RAKU. We hope that KURO-RAKU deepen and enrich your green moment.
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Date July 08, 2007

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