KURO RAKU (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author Begum Ozeke   (Canada)
Review I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase of this Kuro-Raku chawan! I own a few very beautiful matcha bowls, some from Hibiki-an, but this one became instantly my most prized chawan and the one I use every day.

I was amazed how although the surface is glassy looking inside and out, it feels both very smooth and also warm in the hands. The size of the bowl is perfect - it makes the preparation of the matcha very easy and to hold it in my hands is such a pleasure. The glossy black brings forth the wonderful green of the matcha and the bowl itself adds so much to the experience and atmosphere.

I can recommend this bowl to every matcha lover with confidence - it will be one of the most beautiful matcha bowls you have ever laid eyes on for sure. Thank you Hibiki-an for presenting this beautiful bowl of high quality and craftmanship!
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Date November 14, 2013

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