KURO RAKU (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author John Hollister   (United States)
Review I love this website, and the finely crafted accessories that are offered. I received my Kuro-Raku in the mail today, and as others have noted the pictures don't do it justice. Neither does the price. At $129, it is one of my prized possessions along with the Sabi-Yohen bowl that arrived with the same order at a measly $89. Do yourself a favor and check out the Sabi-Yohen. The glaze is so warm, textural, and inviting. It's wabi-sabi all the way.

Back to my old friend, Kuro-Raku. In the monochromatic end of the spectrum there is nothing like Kuro to bring out the color of the Matcha, and draw focus upon its perfectly imperfect form, the subtle smooth texture, and the comfortable fit in one's hands. I am waiting for my first harvest matcha to arrive before I try it out. If the matcha is nearly as good as the bowls, I am in for a treat.
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Date June 05, 2013

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