Yuzamashi (Water Cooler: 340ml)


Author Jeffrey Watts   (United States)
Review I purchased the Yuzamashi along with the Kyusu over a year ago. AFter doing my research and weighing my options, I chose to purchase them both so that I could get a "perfect" cup of tea. The process of putting the boiling water into the Yuzamashi does help bring the water to the perfect temperature for making all sorts of teas from Sencha to Matcha. Prior to using the Yuzamashi, I would make my teas somewhat haphazardly but still trying to be mindful of the process. The results were inconsistent and often either too hot, therefore scalding the tea and making it not truly palatable or it was lukewarm and it did not allow the true flavor of the the to emerge. Now I know how useful something like the Yuzamashi is for anyone who appreciates good tea and how important water temperature is in producing the perfect cup!

I originally purchase ti Yuzamashi along with the Kyusu in 2011. I was originally hesitant to make the purchase, but have found that it is one of the most perfect tools needed to make an excellent cup of tea. Getting the water to the right temperature is vital to making a good cup. Too hot and you scald the tea leaves making it less palatable. Lukewarm and it is mediocre at best and unpalatable at worst. Just right and you get all the vital elements released from the tea leaves and your cup of tea will be excellent each time.
I will soon be purchasing another one soley for my Matcha tea rituals.
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Date December 26, 2012

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