Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Erik O'Brien   (United States)
Review I have written a very long review of what the health benefits of Hibiki-an Matcha Superior have done for me along with drinking Gyokuro Super Premium and Premium. If you are interested in reading the health results I have achieved please check under Matcha Superior and my name. For now I will just write about flavor. I treat myself to this tea on average of once a month. Although I have not drank a wide range of Gyokuro I have drank enough to say that I am exclusive and loyal to Hibiki-an products. This Gyokuro is simply amazing. When i do not have it....I am thinking about it! And its so versatile! I know its best to brew at a lower temperature and yes, its pure heaven but I actually appreciate it at a slightly higher temp and enjoy the stronger taste. Gyokuro Premium is what I drink on the regular as the amount and money stretch out farther but when I do treat myself to this......its like a child anticipating a sweet. Give it a try when you can. Best alone or when you want to treat someone special!
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Date January 04, 2012

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