Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Nickname El Sabrosito   (United States)
Review Are you thinking about this Gyokuro? But you're wondering if it's worth it?

You've had green tea before and you know what it tastes like, right?

Wrong. This Gyokuro is the $hit. It is subtle, sweet, smooth- with the cleanest finish that leaves your mouth wondering why you ever put anything else in it. Not only that- you can brew this green goodness 3-4 times- keeping in mind most of the caffine will be out of it during the first brew- but its nice to sip on the 2nd-4th brews in the afternoon and evening when you still want your green, but no caffine. I'd say give this a try if you want something a little softer and less astringent than the lovely matcha they sell- which is amazing when you want matcha.

Also- these guys? Hibiki-an!? Are amazing! Do you know that they deliver to me in Montana?! That's right, Montana, USA- nobody lives here- well, one million people- but in the entire state- but these guys can ship it right to my door no problem- I can't get New York to find me here sometimes. They are always quick, reliable, and on point.

Everyting is on point- I've had their confectionaries and last time I bought a tea cup- and it was more amazing when I recieved it and held it in my hands- there is something to be said about soft textures on a tea cup- you cup it in your hands, and it holds you too.

Anyway, all the details that come with shipment from beautiful paper, bag, and postcard makes it feel like they seal it with a kiss.

Sorry, I got a little carried away- but these people have been wonderful for years. Thank you!
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Date April 09, 2023

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