Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Gregg Schoenleber   (United States)
Review I am a long-time customer of Hibiki-an and have enjoyed all their teas and their immense pride in tea culture. I have to say that the Gyokuro Super Premium is the finest green tea i have ever had. Once i left a bit of water in my kyusu after my first cup - and normally - even with high grade sencha - the taste is quite bitter if the water is left to "steep". With this grade of tea their was no bitterness, it was still mellow and almost buttery. When brewed properly (right water temp and waiting time) the tea is incredible. Only problem is it will now be hard to drink anything else! Thanks Atushi and your family for creating a wonderful taste of Japanese culture for the whole world to enjoy! Gregg
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Date February 22, 2008

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