Gyokuro Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Thomas Gisel   (Germany)
Review I bought Gyokuro Super Premium from Hibiki-an because I wanted to really get the ultimate cup of Green Tea. purchasing directly from the farm sounded the most natural action to me..

immediately upon arrival (which was incredibly fast!) I opened the lovely package, and brewed the first round of Gyokuro .. in the new Kyusu that came w/ it.

it was really the best Green Tea I ever had! now I am not an expert, but the very typical fragrance when opening the canister, watching the leaves expand in the kyusu, the pale green color when pouring, and lastly - finally - the great quality of the mellow taste which is not sweet but balanced just right.

I am seriouly thankful to have found Hibiki-an and enjoy Gyokuro Green Tea in the quality it deserves!!
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Date July 23, 2007

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