Organic Matcha (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Afaq Saleem   (Netherlands)
Review To every Maccha lover,

I have tried the Organic Maccha from Hibiki-an for the first time & I was amazed of the good quality and taste. A non-chemical & pure tea that truly refreshes the body & mind. I drink it every morning and feel very good during the whole day. It also doesn't leave any unsolved traces of tea after whisking the Organic Maccha. Which makes this tea very easy to prepare and drinks easily. The Maccha is also perfect to use as iced maccha or maccha with warm milk. I suggest to everybody to try it out ! Nice package & fast shipping is garanteed.

To get a true taste of Japanese culture try Hibiki-an Maccha & other tea's.
Hibiki-an truly transmits the spirit that is well know in Japanese tea ceremony with the saying; 'Ichi go Ichi E'- 'Giving the best at every moment'

The Netherlands.
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Date July 21, 2007

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