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Author Rebekah Mullaney   (United States)
Review As you can see from my other review from 2006, I've been drinking iced green tea for many years. When the weather is hot and you feel drained of all energy, iced green tea is more healthy and refreshing than any other drink. I like to bring it to the gym or on shopping trips. Basically anytime I'm out running around in the summer heat and need to stay hydrated.

All summer, if you look in my fridge, you'll find 2 big glass pitchers: one of water with fresh sliced lemon, and one of iced green tea (usually Organic Sencha).

This summer, I have been experimenting with making iced Matcha in a canteen. It is quick and easy and works very well. I sift 1 teaspoon of Matcha into a small canteen (around 18 ounces or 3 servings) and then fill the canteen about 80 percent full of ice water (or ice water with lemon). Then I put on the lid and shake it for about 30 seconds. It gets really frothy with no lumps and tastes great.

Usually I don't like fruit-flavored green tea. Many American companies mix peach or other fruit flavor with their green tea to cover up low-quality tea. But actually fresh lemon and green tea go together well. And studies show that adding vitamin C in the form of fruit juice to green tea helps activate the antioxidants in green tea.

I use an 18 oz stainless steel Kleen Kanteen "Wide" (wide-mouth style canteen) but any canteen will do. Also, it's important to sift the matcha, unless you like lumps! For this purpose, the Matcha Sifter sold at Hibiki-an is ideal.
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Date July 22, 2010

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