Iced Matcha


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Author Steve Self   (United States)
Review I keep a tea bowl in the freezer just for iced matcha. On a hot afternoon, right before leaving to practice/teach aikido, a 3 oz. shot of iced matcha is wonderful. The crema on top divine. I feel cool and awake through the entire evening of often vigorous practice in the heat.

I also have found that a variation of the master cleanse recipe (1/2 a lemon squeezed into a quart, with 1/4+ tsp organic powdered cayenne pepper, mix with water) with one chashaku of matcha (1/2 tsp) sifted in, shake with ice cubes vigorously... Wow! We call this Steve's Miracle Mojo Water. I make a couple of these bottles on days of major high altitude hikes or long exhausting aikido seminars and I am fresh and present the whole way. Also good for extended sessions of design on the computer.

Iced matcha is a great secret!
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Date July 15, 2013