Organic Sencha Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Thomas Smith   (United States)
Review The flavor of each infusion of this Sencha is fairly simple but it holds up to multiple infusions well and shows different flavors in each one. It starts out as a nice balance between fresh vegetal and buttery flavor and aroma with a faint pleasant bitterness similar to that from the skin of a cucumber or plum. The astringency is piquant in the first infusion but mellows slightly in later brews, enhancing the natural sweet aftertaste which is especially present in the third and fourth infusions.

I highly recommend this as a satisfying, refreshing Sencha for relaxation. If you want more excitement go for the Pinnacle Grade - I'm sticking with this fine balance of flavors and subtly shifting sensations for contemplation, unwinding, and studying. I personally enjoyed this brewed for the mellower spectrum with fresh water heated to 75 degrees C with a one minute steep to begin with. Some of the buttery aroma and cane sugar sweetness is lost around 80 C, which highlights more grassy flavors.
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Date June 24, 2008

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