Organic Sencha Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Alexander Prikhojan   (United States)
Review I use 7.5 g of this sencha for 200 ml of 180 degrees water (Breville teamaker without insert, set for 180 deg and checked with lab thermometer) for 1 min/flush for two people. We use Pyrex lab beakers for 200 cc and 500 cc for brewing and all drinking glasses are borosilicate double-walled. The first flush we split into the (gently poured out) top 80-100 cc and, separately, the rest. The top fraction is lighter and is especially flowery. The second flush is robust and the third one is mellower and very tasty, especially when lukewarm. The fourth and the fifth flushes we drink when at room temperature to get this delightful shincha hint. The last flush is for 500 cc and is a great mild and pleasant day-time hydration, whether chilled or at room temperature. The used leaves become a valuable addition to stir-fried greens or sprouts.
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Date June 29, 2021

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