Organic Sencha Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Ellie Ling   (United Kingdom)
Review Although I enjoyed the green tea in tea bags which I bought from British shops, drinking your Organic Sencha Premium was an extra-ordinary experience. I had tried Organic Japanese Sencha from another supplier, but drinking yours was something else altogether, as if I were drinking a completely different sort of tea. It really was grassy and although I didn't know what the taste of 'green' was, to me, this new Sencha seemed to be exactly that..... it tasted green. Absolutely beautiful. And then I tried macha! What I really liked about both the matcha and the sencha was the fact that I could have such a new experience without having to travel any further than my kitchen to prepare it! I'm 62 and an artist and don't like having to do a lot of travelling in order to say I have had new experiences. I like to stay at home and paint. But I do like drinking tea in my studio!! And coming across your tea and the Hibiki-an website has been one of the biggest joys of my life. It has given me a whole new structure for my day, tastes beautiful, and makes me feel good. Thank you Hibiki-an!
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Date November 16, 2013

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