Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Author Michele Sparks   (United States)
Review Well, hello! To begin, I am astounded that my tea order placed on Jan. 17th was post-marked Jan. 18th, and arrived today...a mere week later in scenic Missouri. Wow.
Tea purists may want to stop reading here, as my preparation technique would be considered blasphemous. However, it is certainly American in its convenience and speed. Yes, you guessed it...I ran it through my Keurig. Now before you gasp in horror thinking I must have completely compromised the final outcome, please read on.
I received my Keurig in December. Already a repeat customer and huge fan of Hibiki-an, I was completely dissatisfied with the teas available in the commercial K-cups, not to mention the cost and ecological impact. I purchased a reusable K-cup filter basket and decided to use my organic gyokuro in it. Using the 10 oz. setting and filling the basket only a quarter full allowed the leaves to unfurl perfectly and the water to run through neither too fast nor too slow.
I immediately checked the temperature of the tea as it ran into my cup....170 degrees. Uh oh, I thought. Too hot. I bet this brew will be a bit more astringent...might as well be drinking sencha! But, no. To my happy surprise, the liquid was a beautiful bright spring green, the aroma deeply vegetal, and the taste delicate and sweet. I had not disrepected the gyokuro after all!
This is a testament to the quality of Hibiki-an...the tea remained exceptional even when subjected to the humiliation of a Keurig. Thank you so much!
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Date January 25, 2012

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