Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Review I placed my order the evening of July 28 (which was a Thursday) and I was not able to go to my postal box the week following that. I checked my box last Monday (Aug. 8) and the tea and tea ware I ordered from Hibiki-an were already there. I was impressed at the speed of the delivery. I just brewed some organic Gyokuro and I am very pleased with my decision to order green tea from Hibiki-an. After considering the quality of the tea, the company's free delivery for orders amounting to $36 and up, and the fact that they grow their tea, I have to say, their price is VERY reasonable. I'm sure, I cannot find green tea with this quality anywhere else in Canada, and I have been looking for awhile. I am looking forward to many years of enjoying Hibiki-an's organic green teas.
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Date August 11, 2011

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