Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Author Cattin Raymond   (Switzerland)
Review Gyokuro organic:
This organic Gyokuro is JAS certified, the most reliable and severe Japanese organic control that guarantees a liquor free of pesticides and toxic fertilizers. It is therefore a tea to drink often and without worries. Not to heat this elixir will preserve it an exceptional sweetness for a tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis price. After 3 or 4 infusions, leaves sprinkled with a little soy, sesame oil and a touch of wasabi give us a complement of polyphenols ten times more concentrated than the infusion. Hibiki offers us an extremely rare range of exceptional Japanese green teas that can not be found in Europe at this price.
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Date January 07, 2019

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