Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Author Daniel Roche   (United States)
Review For a long time, I didn't think organic gyokuro even existed. I've had conventional gyokuros from other producers, all of which tasted more or less like sencha, but with a slightly deeper flavor. I was delighted to find gyokuro grown organically from this website for the first time, and tasting it has changed my perspective on what fine tea can and should taste like.

I was pleasantly surprised by how mellow and simple the flavor is, and I noticed how other gyokuros that I've tried lack the lingering sweetness of this one. This gyokuro also has virtually no bitterness to it, and a subtle, bright flavor that really speaks to how it was made. It's a totally different tea that stands out among others, and it is definitely a treasure. It's what I imagine gyokuro should be.
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Date October 07, 2017

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