Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Author jonathan Parkes   (United Kingdom)
Review this was my first taste of hibiki green teas, i remember opening the package (which was typically beautiful japanese packaging) and smelling the contents, the fresh smell of grass came to mind instantly. I have had a bout ten brews so far and I would say two servings of 200ml, is about the max to maintain the taste. The smell when brewed was again like fresh cut grass, the taste quite mild and a little sweet. I have noticed since drinking 2-3 cups per day my hydration levels have increased significantly, i exercise everyday at the gym, mostly spinning/rpm and some weight training, after exercise has finished my hydration levels are pretty much maintained. This was never the case prior to drinking green tea daily. I have ordered other teas from hibiki and will be commenting sure they will become part of my life.

Incidently i lived asia (china) for 7 years, i have tried many tea types, also in japan, none of the restaurant teas compare with the natural hibiki teas....

i wont give this top rating as i must try and compare with matcha and sencha next....i am very much looking forward to matcha to be honest...
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Date April 10, 2013

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