Organic Gyokuro (100g/3.53oz)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Green tea lovers must try this Organic Gyokuro as a summer ice tea. The leaves of this tea floating in my new Hibiki-An glass ice tea pot remind me of the famous aquarium underwater gardenscapes that take years to create along with intricate water chemistry and filtering devices. I am transported directly into the floating swirling leaves where lush green vegetation takes priority over any other aquatic life and I become a tiny neon tetra fish swimming gently in the natural green scape. If that does not cool you down on a hot summers day then the poured glass of light green tea water will. If there is a green that will transcend all the green in nature to your glass it is Organic Gyokuro. I suggest making this tea as an ice tea. Be very careful to add less tea then you would expect to add to your ice tea pot. I also suggest using additional micro mesh filtering to filter out the slightest of leaf fragments and duff if you wish to pour this tea into Champagne flutes. This is definately one of the Champagnes of green tea! The leaves can steep numerous times with water in the ice tea pot over about 6 or more hours. Plan ahead because you will want to make sure you have made enough of this spectacular good for you tea!
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Date July 14, 2006

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