House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


Author James E Fisher   (United States)
Review I have tasted every grade of Hibiki-an matcha. The House Matcha is the perfect usucha (thin) tea, but it's a bit bitter for koicha. For koicha (thick and sweet), I recommend any of the matchas graded ¨Superior¨ or above. I drink more House Matcha than any of the other grades. It is the most economical matcha but that is not the reason I drink it the most. I prefer usucha simply because I enjoy whisking up a nice froth while making a bowl of tea, and I like to have either a cookie or a piece of chocolate with my matcha so a lot of sweetness inherent in the tea itself is not critical. Also, when I feel a little under the weather, I have no qualms about sprinkling a scoop or two of House Matcha on my waffles or in my oatmeal, something I would never do with the higher grade matchas. (The tea helps me recover faster.) I also add two scoops to the cold sencha I put in my sports bottle for an energy boost during my work-outs. (The tea allows me to run faster and longer.) I have been consuming at least 29 ounches of sencha and four scoops of matcha (mostly House Matcha) every day for nearly five years. I have not had a cold during that time - not even a sniffle. I credit the tea. Are the health benefits psychosomatic? Who cares? It works for me. And for my son, a NCAA Division I athlete, who insists on drinking a bowl of House Matcha before pushing himself to his physical limits during training sessions. I started drinking the House Matcha because I like the Tea Ceremony and the taste. Now I drink it for those reasons AND the health benefits.

(By the way, the matcha ice cream is delicious. It's quick and easy to make and will impress dinner guests.)

Matcha Ice Cream on Hibiki-an website: click url below.
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Date April 11, 2010

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