House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


Author Lynn Flewelling   (United States)
Review A very pleasant everyday matcha. Having started with a higher grade, I do notice the difference in flavor and aroma, but it is not extreme; I like to have a bowl or two every day, and appreciate having a tea this good at such a price. I give it highest marks for what it is, not against higher grade matchas.

I find I use a little more of the matcha powder with this grade than I do with the higher grade to enrich the flavor. It is also seems more prone to lumps. But as many have noted here, there is no bitterness even with this grade, which says a great deal about the quality. When I mention matcha to most people, the first thing they say is, "But it's bitter!" It makes me wonder about the grade they've had, and the care of its preparation. Note: unlike Hibiki-an's higher grades, this matcha does not come with a can, so be sure to have one ready. Store the second vacuum sealed pouch in the fridge, as Hibkik-an suggests. As always, the shipping was very fast, too! Always a pleasure to do business with this company.
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Date July 27, 2009

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