House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


Author Michael Nelson   (United States)
Review When I personally shopped for Matcha recently, I went through the major American suppliers here in the U.S. (Rishi, Stash and Teavana).
Rishi tea used to offer a decent quality matcha. Not anymore. They recently switched to a lesser grade of matcha and increased their price considerably. You basically get a low grade matcha, in less than one ounce of total product, packaged in 10 individual sleeve packets, for about $20. it averages out to 3/4 of an ounce (.77) of an ounce for $19. Compare that with this "House Matcha" here at 2.82oz for $27...the choice is simple and the quality is uncomparable. It is not merely "quantity" that I consider, most important in my consideration is "quality". Your taste buds will not lie to you when you taste poor quality.

This decreasing quality and increasing price in locally/nationally available matcha led me to search out and thankfully, discover Hibiki-An and their above average quality matcha. I also shopped and used Stash tea company matcha and for years, I have used the Teavana canned product also.

My quest for an honest, daily use, above average matcha for a fair price has been concluded. I now use this "House Matcha" from Hibiki-An as my daily drinking matcha. The quality is so different, that I conducted my own blind trials with three friends, one of whom has never had any matcha. All three immediately were able to recognize the different taste and even feeling that a higher quality of matcha produces.
I can tell you from years of drinking poor quality matcha that when you first drink this "House Matcha", you will most likely find that you experience a noticable sensation in your well being. This is due to the high L-Theanine content that is present in Hibiki-An's mathca teas. Not to influence your own experince, but I challenge you to try this for yourself and see what you find. The effect of high levels of L-Theanine, when consumed, are in increase brain wave activity, specifically low Alpha and low Beta waves. An additional benefit is what is known as hemisphere synchronicity. Simply put, both hemispheres of your brain, the left and right side, work in harmony and flow information between the two, instead of the normal brain wave activity, where one side tends to dominate. Again, find this out for yourself by research and experimenting with a variety of other matchas, as I mention and as I have. You will be surprised. L-Theanine is increased in Japanese green tea, specifically in Gyokoru, the base for matcha, due to special, traditional growing techniques.

It is worth mentioning this here, so you know the difference in what you spend your hard earned money on. I myself have spent over 15 years drinking increasingly higher quality green tea, until I found that what I was "believing" from marketing hype, had no truth at all. If you have found this site and are buying this tea, you can not do better. The only way to find better product is to start using Hibiki-An's higher quality products. After using some "House Grade" as a reference, start with the "Superior" grade of matcha and work your way up to the "Pinnacle". You will be surprised if you take the time to really make the tea correctly, with high quality water, at the precise temperature also.

I am certain, after you spend your own money and time researching the various lesser grades and amounts of matcha on the market in the U.S., that you will find Hibiki-An offers the highest quality product, in the most substantial quantity, for the most reasonable price, and they are extremely efficient and fast with processing and shipping orders.

This is the best daily use matcha that I have found on the market! Try it for yourself and prove it.
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Date March 20, 2009

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