House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


Author maria ciungan   (Romania)
Review After drinking "organic matcha" ordered from US, i decided to buy directly from Japan. Opening the package made it clear that Hibiki-an is about perfection, everything was sitting perfectly aligned, the gifts, the instructions, invited me to step into the world of Japanese tea. House Matcha has a green vibrant color, no bitterness and i can feel the effects right away, a sense of calm and focus, a lack of anxiety, i become more productive and charismatic. Life is no longer the same after matcha, i truly believe that discovering matcha is the highlight for this year, without a doubt. Before house matcha will end, i will start to climb slowly towards the Pinnacle,curious of all the other Hibiki`s treasure, but i have no doubts that i will not loose interest for the House matcha. Thank you Hibiki-an !
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Date December 04, 2018

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