House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


Author Ivan Petrovic   (Montenegro)
Review oh I just love this matcha!! its ideal for matcha lattes, which is a great way of drinking your matcha in a 'lighter' everyday version, or just a sprinkle in your banana milkshake... I've also made a marble pound cake (recipe taken from this site) and all I can say is that its just fabulous!! the cake is so good, everyone loves it...and the aroma of matcha in it..mmm...yumm! I've made ice-cream as well..needless to say its fantastic.. just like the one from a good japanese restaurant (if youre lucky enough to find one serving it)... also made matcha tiramisu.. its a fantastic light dessert with this 'green gold'...
I really love it and am ordering it on a regular basis... thanks Hibiki-an!

(Comment from Hibiki-an)
We thank you so much for your review. We are so glad that you appreciate our tea recipes.
We would like to add to your review. As you know our House Matcha is not bitter so that it is fully high quality for drink.
Would you try various ways to enjoy Matcha. We look forward to your Matcha recipes. Please email us!
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Date September 16, 2005

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